We at Artichoke Dance Company stand with people who believe in social justice, racial justice, climate justice, economic justice and humanitarian rights. Now is the time to speak up. Please take a simple action every day. We’ve heard from politicians that calling is more effective than online petitions. Phoning legislators is an effective way at being heard. Daily Action makes it easy. They will send an alert each day to your mobile phone informing you of the daily issue pertinent to your zip code and connect you with who to call about it. 90 seconds. Done.
We applaud the Ghost Light Project
Theaters standing in solidarity, with live events and online participatory campaigns, to protect the values of inclusion, participation and compassion for all.
Here are some other resources:
  1. Indivisible is guide for resisting the Trump Agenda created by former congressional staffers
  2. Act Forward: A clearinghouse of opportunities to participate and make a difference for causes of concern to you. This page leads you to opportunities to advocate, participate, volunteer and donate in the New York metropolitan area.
  3. Here are Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for January’s new administration.
To participate, video yourself from your smartphone, or have a friend videotape you, making a simple statement. “I am a ____ and I ____ for/with/like you”.
  1. Email it to us: info(at)artichokedance.org
  2. Post it to social media using these hashtags:
  3. #ComeTogether
  4. #CreateCompassion
  5. #DoSomething
Do Something Now!
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