Our programs merge performing arts, ecological activism and education. Lasting from one hour to one month, audiences are delighted and participants gain skills in creativity, advocacy and empowerment.

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  • Liberate the Earth: This work adapts to address ecological issues at any location. 
  • Overflow: Reflects the energetic nature of water, made in response to Hurricane Sandy. 
  • Proteus: What's it like to be under the sea? Commissioned by the National Gallery of Art. 
  • Water Dances: Site-adaptive for any shoreline, linking humans to water.
  • Plastic People of the Universe: What's it like to live in a world of plastic. What are the consequences? 


  • K-12: Engaging performances, workshops, residencies and STEAM curriculum integration.
  • Higher Education: Workshops, residencies, lectures, company integrative performances. 
  • Community Engagement: Site Performances, recycling and repurposing, community building workshops, make and do something residencies.