Community Education Programs

"I can't thank you enough for an amazing performance!  I was so honored by your work with the members of the community who came to the workshop and those who joined in the dance. You generously brought people to Omi and made us all a part of something larger. "

Ruth Adams, Executive Director, Omi International Arts Center


Celebrate the Earth

  • Site-adaptive performance including community integration movement section

  • Hands on craft workshops to create costumes from plastic bags

  • Costume parade

  • Movement workshops for all levels


Your Planet

  • Site-adaptive performance for beaches

  • Beach clean up and data gathering

  • Create rhythm instrument from recycled materials

  • Join a drum circle accompanying the performance

  • Participatory ritual walk to the water


Surrounding a Stage Performance

  • Pre or post performance discussion

  • Movement classes exploring environmental themes

  • Community integration into a work

  • Upcyling drive and set creation

  • Presentations including The Activist Artist and Artist in Community