Artichoke Dance Company performances, education, and community engagement programs.

Our programs merge performing arts, ecological activism and education. Lasting from one hour to several years, audiences are delighted and participants gain skills in creativity, advocacy and empowerment.

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  • Overflow: Reflects the energetic nature of water, made in response to Hurricane Sandy.

  • Proteus: What's it like to be under the sea? Commissioned by the National Gallery of Art.

  • Plastic People of the Universe: What's it like to live in a world of plastic? What are the consequences?


  • Liberate the Earth: This work adapts to address ecological issues at any location.

  • Your Planet: Designed for beaches, this ritual inspired work connects us to the earth.

  • The River Project: Celebrates one of our greatest treasurers, rivers.

  • Water Dances: Site-adaptive for any shoreline, linking humans to water.


  • K-12: Engaging performances, workshops, residencies and STEAM curriculum integration.

  • Higher Education: Workshops, residencies, lectures, company integrative performances.

  • Community Engagement: Site Performances, recycling and repurposing, community building workshops, make and do something residencies.

  • Arts and Sustainability: Custom tailored programs merging sustainable practices and the arts.