Artichoke Dance Company in the News


"What sets Artichoke apart is its ability to convey character, emotions, and relationships through—not merely despite—all the skillful circus tricks. When couples tumble and whirl, you see and feel the ebullience and exhilaration of love in the air."

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" [Artichoke's Performance] was a perfect way to call attention to the sorry state of our borough's canal."


"To address this issue, rather than using textbooks, papers, and “preaching” about it, the usage of performance art is a way to allow people to empathize and become aware more easily as it’s both entertaining, and a less daunting endeavour."

"Neuman strives to make work that fosters compassion and empathy. Indeed, her work that takes on environmental issues has brought her out of the dance studio and into the 'real world'"


As a site-specific work, it was heartening to see this unique moment take place as joggers or pedestrians passed by in the early hours of the morning. Some stopped, others went on their way. Even local children and dogs entered the scene, creating the once-in-a-lifetime interaction particular to time and place that only site specific work can induce -- a cornucopia of surprising and unscripted moments within the context of the structured work."


"Lynn Neuman became preoccupied with single-use disposability after she started wondering about waste and who was responsible for it. Hands-on visual components get people involved in Neuman's process."