K-12 Grade Education Programs

"It was an incredible journey to take with you these past few months. You inspired immeasurable numbers of people and communities. What a huge thing you've done. WOW!" 

Wendy Blum, PS32 Dance Specialist, Brooklyn NY

We work with schools to devise programs that enhance student’s personal growth, development and achievement in the arts and sciences, and to address environmental issues and sustainability goals. Tailor made programs integrate a variety of subjects and provide performances, classroom instruction, professional development, curriculum development, and integrated projects, fostering not only creativity but community and stewardship. 


Water Dances

Water is a precious resource and necessary for life. Students learn about water cycles, properties, and physics. Water Dances curriculum merges dance, science, geography and humanities. Through movement students develop a sensitivity toward others as they widen their understanding of water issues from a local to global scale.


Plastic People

This program teaches the history, uses and harms of plastics. Students apply their newly acquired knowledge by creating theatrical shorts and an up-cycled set and/or costumes from a target material (bags, bottles, blister packs).  All of these components come together in a final performance production. This curriculum merges visual and performing arts, science, and activism.